A gripping portrait of women, whose lives were dictated by a moral code, Maria's Grotto is a painfully true film about the issue of honor killings in Palestine. Khoury explores the issue through the stories of four women:

one is wrongly accused of dishonoring her family and murdered; the second· dies after being forced by her brothers to swallow poison; the third· survives repeated stabbing inflicted by her brother; the fourth is a· Hip-hop singer who dares speak out about honor killings, and faces death· threats. Through these stories, Khoury exposes the magnitude of honor··· marriage, the punishment for the presumed sin is death, to avenge ones· honor. killings in Palestine. Honor killings, are a facet of the Arab world that have become more prevalent in society. The presumed sin committed is one that involves being in a sexual relationship without the veil o fmarriage, the punishment for the presumed sin is death, to avenge ones honor.

مغارة ماريا: هو فيلم يحاكي موضوع صعب التناول (TABOO) في المجتمع ألعربي، ألا وهو موضوع جرائم الشرف. بالعادة ترتكب الجريمة ضد المرأة، وذلك بتهمة تدنيس شرف العائلة ويتم الحفاظ وإنقاذ هذا الشرف عن طريق سفك دماء المرأة المتهمة، حيث يصبح شرف العائلة مرتبط فقط بالمرأة، وله قيمة أكثر منها.