Motivation of the Director

I choose to deal with a delicate but rather a difficult and untouched issue such as femicide and what has been known for many year as” Honor Killing”. I refer to the crimes that take place against Palestinian women or girls as femicide.

These acts should be considered crimes that create a perpetual fear in women or girls of being killed under the justification of “honor”. Therefore, I thought this documentary should be derived from the voices of the victims, those who live under the threat of being killed and those who had lost their  loved ones under the justification of bringing dishonor to the family.

There are several justifications for producing this documentary.  First, being a Palestinian women and independent filmmaker born and raised in Palestine and always cared for covering women sensitive issues . In addition to being brought up in a conservative society that concentrated on honor and related that family or male honor is achieved through the manliness of the man and the sexual purity of the woman. An Arab or Palestinian woman is always constructed simultaneously as honorable or dishonorable female where she is surrounded by what is allowed or not and it seems that everything is shame for girls and therefore for women.

It isn’t a rebellion against the Arab Palestinian culture but it is an attempt to modify a wrongful act that has been practiced against women since childhood. My derive is to produce this documentary from my passion for the lost voices of women’s pain and suffering which deserves to be highlighted. More focus is needed to turn such acceptable crimes to become unacceptable and forbidden and to preclude the occurrence of such crimes.